Hi!  I'm Shawna and I am a purveyor of fine handmade STUFF!  It is my passion and joy to connect makers and consumers and to create opportunities for small businesses to achieve greater success in collaboration via bespoke goods.

STUFF, is so much more meaningful when we feel a connection to its story.  When we build relationships with suppliers, designers, and makers we value the 'things' beyond their exceptional quality.  We have feels and feels are good.

What is DS?  "D" - stands for Dammit.  "S" - for Shawna.  I've been hearing 'Dammit Shawna' for years.  This is the response, said with great affection, of a customer who never knew they needed something until I found it. 

DS Goods.  Deez Goods Stuffs.  That you need, made by good people, who will make you special things that not everyone has.